The education the boys and girls are receiving at Bright Beginnings is directly linked with the PA Common Core. This education from the infant room to preschool to Pre-Kindergarten bridges the gap and builds fundamental building blocks for students to be successful in their transition to elementary school. By having this education, students have a schemata that is already filled with letter, number, and word recognition. This foundation allows proficient and advanced students to be accelerated when reaching the primary grades. It also allows students who have below proficient language skills to have many of the gaps filled prior to elementary school. Having these gaps filled at this young of an age allows so much more time for the child to be successful academically.

Not only is Bright Beginnings an excellent source of academic education it also allows students to learn the social skills needed to be successful once reaching the elementary building. Some examples are problem solving, sharing, listening and speaking skills, and just the key components of being positive members of a community.

My husband and I chose Bright Beginnings because it is not just a “daycare”; it is a development center. I have, with my own eyes, observed my 5 year old go from being a non-reader to reading picture books with a smile of confidence on his face. That smile is priceless, and allows me, as well as him, to feel that the next step of his education is going to be just as bright with endless opportunities in the future.

Michelle Cangialosi

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